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sound healing in Anchorage, Alaska

About Evie Bear:

I started Zen Zone Alaska with the intention to serve as a catalyst for clients wanting to evolve their connection to the web of their lives.  I like the word web because it creates a strong image of the interconnectedness -  from how, where and why you show up and interact with yourself and others, to how you will grow, shift and evolve.

Everything is energy that is interconnected.  You are the center of your personal creation.   When you act from your authentic self, free from patterns of response and behavior, you can create the life you truly want.

I offer sound and energy healing to help you make the connection between your heart and your mind while moving energy that no longer serves your personal growth.

Sound and Energy Healing has transformed my life to be more authentic, clear and peaceful.  A new world of sensing and being grows stronger every day I use these practices.  I love to share these beautiful healing energy practices and I invite you to experience sound and/or energy healing at Zen Zone Alaska and find your Zen Zone today!

Concurrently with offering these healing practices, I have spent 20+ years working as a nurse in Alaska, earning a baccelaurette degree in nursing from the Medical College of Ohio/Bowling Green State University in 1996.

Other hobbies include hiking, biking, sea kayaking, skiing, camping, song writing, playing guitar and Native American style flute and photography. 

sound and energy healing with Evie Bear in Anchorage, Alaska

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