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Zen Zone Alaska 

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sound healing in Anchorage, Alaska
  • $90 per Zen Session (Sound Healing)

  • Private Sound Healing event in your chosen location ~ please contact for rates.

Relax, rejuvenate, heal...

Sound healing in Anchorage, Alaska

Zen Session: One hour personal sound healing session $90
During a sound healing and vibrational therapy session, I play singing bowls, other instruments and sound the gong as you lie on a table built to carry their soothing vibrations.  I also rub the bowls while moving them on your body.  Please wear comfortable clothing without zippers, buttons or other metal and do not wear any perfume or cologne.  Eat a light meal 1-2 hours before so that you are not hungry.   Plan an hour and 15 minutes for the entire visit. Please turn your cell phone off or on airplane mode.

My studio is located in my home.  Prior to beginning, I will take a few minutes to talk about the instruments and answer any questions that you have.  Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or health issues that I should be aware of at this time.  You will then lie on the table, be given an eye cover and weighted bags placed on your lower legs for grounding.  I have light blankets, bolsters and pillows to arrange if needed for your comfort.  The session will begin with a short guided meditation to set the mood and help you to relax.  Please think about what your personal intention may be for the session or what you would like to get out of it, wether it be for relaxation or to improve some aspect of your life.  I often have essential oils diffusing, if you are sensitive to smell please let me know ahead of time.

Entrainment and physiologic effect on the body: Sound healing works by entrainment of the heart, lungs and brain waves. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system through the vagus nerve to induce a state of deep relaxation.  It slows your heart beat, breathing, brain waves, reduces blood pressure and releases the comfort hormones such as oxytocin. It is not uncommon to fall asleep during sound therapy but you will still be aware of the environment. Sound calls you into the present moment by refocusing your attention from the repetitive thought patterns of your mind to what you are hearing and feeling in the present moment.  It creates a deep feeling of peace!  This calming effect produces homeostasis for emotional and physical healing.

Sound helaing with Evie Bear in Anchorage, Alaska
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