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energy healing in Anchorage, Alaska
Energy healing in Anchorage, Alaska

Energy Healing:

Your life is a reflection of your energy field.  Your thoughts, patterns of behavior and emotions are active in your aura and chakras which influence how you respond, make choices in your life and create experience.  

I studied with Jill Leigh at Energy Healing Institute to work in both the astral (emotional) and etheric (physical) body of the human aura and chakras (energy centers) to support my clients to clear and resolve emotional blocks, repetitive and inauthentic patterns and ultimately to evolve, grow and heal. 


During a session, I use light touch and various techniques to remove energy in your astral aura and chakras, etheric chakras, sync the energy in your left and right brain and remove somatized emotion from your physical body.


I then infuse your energy body with vital energy so that you can grow and emerge as the person you aspire to be and create an authentic life.


I also teach you important energy self-care skills so that you can do the work yourself.  The combination of my work and your self care really brings new energetic patterns into your life!

Using energy clearing skills in your own daily practice, you can:

  • Clear stagnant emotional energy that has created blockages

  • Identify old patterns that are engrained in your psyche

  • Learn what triggers you and how to transform your reactions

  • Bring greater awareness to your personal space and how you are effected by energy that is not your own

The results?

  • Be more authentic and you

  • Bring in clean, healing energy so you can evolve with life

How do you do it?

  • Dialog with your energy body to move energy that no longer serves you.  I will share with you these energy clearing skills that you can use for the rest of your life to increase your awareness as you evolve. 

Energy healing in Anchorage, Alaska
Change your life!
healing arts Anchorage, Alaska

First session: $100 (1 1/2 hours) $150 (2 hours)

Follow up sessions: $75 per hour

Package of 5 sessions (3 - energy, 2 - sound): $350

Payment:  Cash, Check, Visa

Payment is due at the completion of the session.  


Late arrival:  Late arrival means a shortened session and you will be charged the full session price.

Cancellations:  Please notify me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged a full session fee.

healing arts Anchorage, Alaska