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Now offering Remote Energy Healing Sessions!

Zen Zone Alaska

Find your Zen Zone!

sound heaing, Anchorage, Alaska
energy healing arts
energy healings arts
healing arts

I offer sound and energy healing to help you to relax into a state of present awareness.

energy healing arts

Evolve through energy, sound and vibration!

Sound & energy healing in Anchorage, Alaska

Sound and Energy Healing:  Zen Zone Alaska offers Sound and Energy Healing to help you evolve by inducing a state of relaxation using sacred sound and energy work to release blockages and to balance your emotional, physical and mental energy bodies.  While I offer these healing practices separately, using both modalities are very powerful to make life changes and evolve!

Sound Healing: At Zen Zone Alaska I use 26 Himalayan singing bowls, a crystal glass bowl, Koshi chimes, a 32 inch Paiste Saturn gong and other instruments to bring you into a deep state of relaxation that is incredibly healing to the mind, body and soul.  

Sound is energy or vibration that not only touches the ear and skin but also penetrates tissue and bone.  Every cell in your body is given a massage when you receive a sound healing therapy session.

Sound healing and singing bowls date back thousands of years to the Himalayan region of Tibet, India and Nepal. Traditionally they were made of seven metals: gold, silver, iron, mercury, tin, copper and lead. 

The singing bowls that I use are hand hammered in villages in Nepal by 2-3 people chanting blessings or prayer.  I specifically chose each bowl to be in tune with each other as they produce deep healing vibrations together.

Energy Healing:  Energy Healing releases emotional patterns of thought and behavior that have influenced your life and keep you from your true and authentic expression.  Energy Healing promotes energy hygiene and teaches that actualizing your full potential is about self-care so that you can make decisions that are right for you!

Private Sound Events:   $325 for 1 1/2 hours!  

I will  bring my instruments to your home or business for a private healing concert.  I play the instruments for 1 hour 15 minutes then spend 15 minutes letting your guests reflect on the experience. It builds connection and deepens relationships! A great way to celebrate a special event or housewarming! 


**If I have to rent a studio add $100 to this price.

Gift Certificates Available!

Please see Contact/Buy Now page to purchase a Zen Session for a friend or loved one.

Energy healing in Anchorage, Alaska

Paypal/VISA accepted

*Please be advised that I do have a dog in my home.  However, my healing rooms are downstairs and separate from our primary living space.  Please let me know if you have any concerns.  Thank you.

Healing arts in Anchorage, Alaska

"I so enjoyed coming out of my session a lighter, happier person.  I was able to remind myself to accept the energies and also let go of some energy.  I am more focused on being a healthier, more grateful person.  Thank you so very much."  - Minnie

"that took me to a place where I have never been before...I was blown away"


"Before receiving sound therapy from Evie, I was completely stressed out after a challenging week.  The therapy was out of this world and turned my mind/attitude around to be much more positive and grateful.  I highly recommend this to ease the life stresses most of us have.  Dara, 47, MSW

"The warmth and vibration of the singing bowls as Evie moved them around my chest and legs was unlike anything I've experienced - a full auditory and physical sensory experience!  It was also grounding and relaxing, and I believe it really accessed and helped release some of the stress stored in places like my hips.  The whole experience was profoundly beautiful, and Evie's energy really helped set the tone for a healing session."  Caitin, 35, Director of Philanthropy, major NGO

"If you have ever heard a singing bowl, you know the captivating sound they make and the incredible sensation of feeling the vibrations in your body.  Now imagine lying on a massage table surrounded by over a dozen singing bowls being played around and even ON you and you will have a small idea of what a sound therapy session with Evie Bear is like!  A session feels incredibly relaxing with the outcome of being energized.  My brain entered a dreamlike state - my frontal cortex relaxed and subconscious messaging rose to the surface, accessing and intuitive wisdom.  I loved it!"  Betsi, 33, artist, owner Sacred Sea Kayaking Tours

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